This genius strategy for women to be heard in meetings will blow you away

Are you a woman working in a company, sector or industry dominated by males? Do you find it hard to get noticed, to make your opinion heard and to remain owner of your ideas? Well, learn from this interesting read published in The Washington Post. It truly is genius.

Testosterone in the room

Most of the people campainging for Obama were men. When Obama won the presidential elections these men subsequently filled his cabinet. At that time, the White House was not the most female friendly environment. Women found it was a tough circle to break.

They not only had to shoulder their way into important meetings. Once in, they also had to get their opinions noticed. That’s when female staffers started to band together and came up with a genius meeting strategy to make themselves heard.

‘Amplification’ strategy

What did they do differently? Whenever a woman made a key point, another woman would repeat it and pay credits to the author. This forced the men to acknowledge the point made and denied them to claim the idea of their own.

The female staffers called this the ‘amplification’ strategy and purposefully made it an everyday thing. Gradually, Obama began noticing them, calling more on women and junior staffers next to the more senior men.

As a result, things looked brighter for females in Obama’s second term, with now half of the White House departments headed by women.

Small ideas with big impact

The simplest strategies are often the most powerful. I was genuinely blown away by its sheer simplicity. It’s such a small effort to implement this in your own company as of today. So go band with your fellow sisters at work, voice your opinions and amplify each other. I would love to hear how it works out for you!